How to Decide Between a Pediatrician and a Family Doctor

How to Decide Between a Pediatrician and a Family Doctor

A pediatrician and a family doctor are both qualified to provide care to children. This makes it hard for some people to choose between the two. Basically, there are many factors that should help you decide whether to choose a pediatrician or a family doctor. They include the health needs and age of your child, your future plans and their effect on your choice. Your location and finances can also influence this decision. But, most importantly, choose a professional that you and your child are comfortable with. Here are other factors to help you decide between a pediatrician and a family doctor.


A pediatrician is a primary healthcare doctor with specialization in children health. This includes physical health, mental health and social health. This doctor has undergone medical training for 4 years and practiced as a pediatrician for 3 years.

Though a family doctor is a primary healthcare doctor too, they work in different medical fields with pediatrics being just one of them. However, family doctors are certified to take care of people in different age groups and genders.

Considerations to Make about a Pediatrician

Since a pediatrician focuses on children, they have the necessary skills and experience in talking to children and parents regarding personal, delicate issues with understanding and sensitivity. Pediatricians go round the hospital seeing newborns. That means having a pediatrician for a child from birth is a sure way to ensure that they will be treated by a person that knows their history.

Considerations to Make about a Family Doctor

An entire family can be treated by one doctor. For instance, you can visit one family doctor for the annual medical check-up for the entire family. This saves you trips to different doctor clinics. However, family doctors do not spend much of their time taking care of children the way pediatricians do. That means they may not have much knowledge of the issues that affect children like pediatricians that specialize in treating children.

Clearly, a pediatrician is the best option when you need a healthcare professional for your child. A doctor on the other hand is an ideal choice when you need a healthcare professional for a family of adults.


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