Reasons to Choose a Pediatrician Instead of a Family Doctor

Both the pediatrician and a family doctor may have the necessary qualifications to take care of your child. However, you should take your child to a pediatrician for several reasons. The health needs and age of your child requires a specialist that understands them. A pediatrician is, therefore, best-suited to treat your child. Here are some of the reasons to choose a pediatrician instead of a family doctor. 


A pediatrician is a primary care doctor that specializes in the health of children. This includes social, mental, and physical health. A doctor should attend medical school for 4 years and spend another 3 years in medical residency to become a pediatrician. What’s more, a pediatrician has to seat an exam by the American Board of Pediatrics to be certified. A pediatrician sees a child several times until they attain the age of 2 years. This training and experience make a pediatrician best-suited to take care of your child better than a family doctor. A family doctor is a primary care doctor but not a specialist in children’s health. 

Special Health Needs 

If a child has special health needs, a pediatrician is best-suited to treat them. For instance, if a child has birth defects or special health concerns, you should see a pediatrician. In some cases, babies require a pediatric specialist that focuses on a specific area of children’s health. For instance, a pediatric cardiologist is the best specialist for a child that has a heart condition. 


The availability and location of the doctor you choose for your child is very important. A pediatrician is a specialist in the health of children. Therefore, your child is bound to be given priority when you go to a pediatrician that when you visit a family doctor’s office or clinic. 

It’s, however, important to choose a reputable pediatrician. That’s the only way to get quality healthcare services for your child.

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