Psychological & Educational Services

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Diagnostic and Educational Testing Services
Licensed Psychologists are available on staff to provide comprehensive testing for children and adolescents with developmental, behavioral and/or learning challenges. Several of our staff have specific expertise in diagnostic testing for individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Other staff members are well equipped to assess children/adolescents with other developmental and/or learning needs (ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Emotional/Behavioral Needs). Evaluations include a parent interview, diagnostic testing tailored to meet the needs of the child, classroom or community observations, communication with school and medical personnel and a written report. Several of our providers can access CDPHP insurance to cover the Autism Spectrum Testing, otherwise, evaluations are conducted on a private pay basis. Independent Evaluations are conducted for school districts, however, a commitment letter from the district must be received prior to scheduling the evaluation. Otherwise, payment is expected for each session that is scheduled. Please contact our Practice Manager, Tammy Corey, for more information and/or to schedule an appointment.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Training Course
The New York State Education Department has recently certified the staff of Campbell House Psychological Associates to conduct the required 3-hour training course on best practices in educating students on the Autism Spectrum. The training is pursuant to Sections 3004 (4) and (5) of the Education Law and Subpart 57-3 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. An outline of the course is provided below. The trainings can be provided at the districts and can accommodate up to 20 participants. Cost for the group training is $450.00. An online version of the course will hopefully be available soon. To schedule this training, please contact our office manager, Tammy Corey, at (518) 346 0762. Please reference click below to review the evaluation methods and course outline.


Educational Consultation Services
Campbell House Psychological also offers educational consultation services to both parents and school districts. This may include on-site observations of students with educational and/or social concerns, as well as direct support with creating IEP documents that meet the individual needs of students. Particular expertise is offered to students who demonstrate social-communication needs (i.e. Autism Spectrum Disorders, Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities). These services are offered by our individual consultants on a private pay basis. Please contact our Practice Manager, Tammy Corey, for more information and/or to schedule an appointment.


What to Expect at the Psychological Evaluation

Psychological evaluations are conducted by a licensed psychologist over a series of visits to Campbell House. The first step in the assessment process is the intake appointment. This appointment lasts approximately 60 minutes and is scheduled with parents/guardians and the psychologist. During this interview, the psychologist will obtain social and developmental information and other information about the child's current level of functioning, review records, and create an assessment plan. Questions are typically focused on determining the onset of the presenting problem, such as if the parents/guardians observed early language and communication problems, difficulties with social interactions, unusual play, and/or hyper- or hypo-sensitivity to sensory stimuli. If an Autism Spectrum Evaluation is being conducted, the examiner will use the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised as an interview tool to collect data specifically related to the spectrum.

Next, an appointment is scheduled for the testing. This may be one visit or more depending on the needs of the client. Psychological tests will explore your child's social, emotional, cognitive, language and/or adaptive functioning skills. Tests used are also specifically designed to determine a diagnostic and/or learning profile. Much of the tests are colorful, engaging and interesting for children and are typically administered at the psychologist's office. For toddlers and younger children, the parent or guardian will remain in the room during the evaluation. The psychologist will play and interact with your child, watch you engage, communicate and interact with your child, and talk with you. Older children and adolescents typically are tested in a 1:1 setting so the examiner can gain a clear picture of how your child interacts independent of their caregivers. Behavioral or adaptive rating scales are sometimes completed by parents, teachers, caregivers, etc. and returned to the psychologist for scoring. A school observation is also arranged to view the child in an educational setting.

After the formal testing and observation, a feedback session is scheduled with parents/guardians to review results, diagnosis and give recommendations for interventions. Once finalized, parents will obtain a copy of the report. The report may also be sent to other agencies, as parents direct, such as pediatricians, schools, etc. Psychologists may sometimes attend CPSE, CSE or Section 504 or private school meetings, for an additional fee, if requested.

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Communication Evaluations

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